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The Panday Dunong Research Center, under the leadership of Director Mr. Jimboy B. Pagalilauan, recently hosted a training workshop on Statistics for Research on April 14, 2023, at the Calungsod Hall of St. Joseph College of Baggao. The workshop aimed at providing students, researchers, and faculty members with the basic concepts and methodologies of statistical analysis for research purposes.

The training workshop featured a presentation by Dr. Bernard Lim, an experienced researcher and statistician. Dr. Lim shared his expertise on the use of statistical tools such as hypothesis testing, linear and logistic regression analysis, and data interpretation. He also emphasized the importance of properly designing research studies and collecting relevant data that can be analyzed using statistical techniques.

Hence, the training workshop was attended by the active-faculty researchers, language editors, statisticians, and other research enthusiasts. Participants were encouraged to engage in interactive discussions and hands-on exercises that helped them to apply the statistical concepts to real-world scenarios.

At the end of the training workshop, the participants expressed their gratitude to the Panday- Dunong Research Center for providing them with an opportunity to enhance their research skills. They acknowledged the significance of sound statistical analysis in research and how it can help produce reliable and credible research results.

During the workshop, Dr. Roy Tumaneng, the Vice President for Research and Quality Assurance, emphasized the importance of excelling in all three of the trifocal functions of an institution: Instruction, Research and Extension. Dr. Tumaneng encouraged the participants to not only focus on Instruction and Extension, but also to prioritize Research in their work. His message emphasized the critical role of Research in advancing knowledge and innovation, and how it can contribute to the growth and success of an institution. Hence, Dr. Tumaneng’s insights served as a reminder of the importance of a holistic approach to institutional excellence, one that encompasses all three of the trifocal functions.

The Panday Dunong Research Center has been providing research support services to the academic community for years, and the recent training workshop on Statistics for research is just one of the many initiatives they have undertaken. The center aims to continue promoting research excellence by providing expert guidance, training, and resources to faculty, students, and researchers.

Moreover, the training workshop on Statistics for research conducted by the Panday-Dunong Research Center, under the auspices of Director Jimboy B. Pagalilauan, was a successful event that provided valuable insights into the fundamentals of statistical analysis in research. Participants were able to acquire new skills and knowledge that they can apply to their future research endeavors. The center’s commitment to research excellence reflects its dedication to serving the academic community and advancing knowledge through research.

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