It is a pleasure to express my heartfelt wishes and felicitations to all the stakeholders of St. Joseph College of Baggao, Inc. (SJCBI). May I also take this opportunity to share with our readers that Catholic education, while filled with great challenges, remains for our Church the most effective instrument of evangelization. As such, SJCBI is a treasure of great value for the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao because the Christian Formation that takes place within the walls of this institution more often than not leads to a lifetime commitment to Gospel values and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We congratulate the administrators, faculty, staff and students because in few years’ time, SJCBI has developed and improved a lot in providing quality Catholic education as manifested in its bid to be accredited and its commitment to preserve and advance the realization of the school’s vision and mission to transform lives. It has maintained a faith-filled environment where the love of Jesus is lived out most especially through its Small Caring Group (SCG) Program where teachers and students gather weekly to be inspired by the Word of God and to be moved to care for each other. It must be noted that they have introduced developmental programs and activities in the spirit of communion and collaboration among all the stakeholders. As a result, from the highest levels of administration to the halls of the school, from the school campus to the different barangays, they have done everything with pride and excellence. Moreover, this Catholic school continues to reinvent itself to meet the challenges of the digital age and to prepare the new generation for the challenges of science and technology while inculcating in all those who teach and study in this school the spiritual and moral values and responsibilities of modern day Christians.

It is my wish and prayer that SJCBI shall continue to ensure that its integral mission in the Church remain viable even in the face of many challenges. May SJCBI remain vibrant, relevant, and responsive in the task of evangelizing and transforming the world.

Congratulations! God bless SJCBI!

Fr. Adalbert R. Barut, Ph.D.