St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.



The guidance office of Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc. is one of the various services that is being offered to the students that aims to help each student to achieve their full potential academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially on a conducive environment. It caters the needs and assists the students in making choices, decision making and leads the students to have a better perspective and understanding about themselves and their vital roles in the society.

Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc. is committed to provide assistance to the students in dealing with understanding and accepting themselves by providing knowledge, prerequisite skills, and integration of values education and social awareness to empower each student in conquering difficulties, adjust from unpredictable pressures to maintain and safeguard mind, body and spirit in order to pursue undisrupted but productive schooling and to promote harmonious relationship.

In achieving this, SJCBI’s guidance office envisions to give the best service and to help each student in making mature decisions for the attainment of a holistic Christian life that is individually satisfying and socially effective.


As a center of Academic excellence, the Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao,    Inc. Resource Center, envisions itself to develop and provide various updated information resources which also houses the professionally skilled and trained manpower that also provides state-off-the-art instruction media materials and equipment to empower each student to be a responsible users of learning resources, media and technology.

The Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc. Media Center enriches the vision and mission of SJCBI through providing access to the diverse, relevant and timely information resources for all the members of the Josephian community; integrate the different and emerging information and communication technologies in the library for better quality service and help students for educational information and appropriate collection of resources offered in the spirit of the Catholic Josephian services that cultivates and promotes a culture of excellence.


School health services contribute to the goals of the education system and healthcare system by providing referrals, administering medications and treatments, providing first aid, providing health counseling and education, and supporting students to acquire self-management skills. Its main purpose is to ensure a healthy Josephian Community.

Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc. Health Services offers both dental and medical services. It provides assessment and assistance relative to the health status and concerns of the students, faculty members, staff and personnel of the institution. SJCBI is committed to promote prevention of diseases; response to emergencies; prescriptions and referrals; and the promotion of healthy lifestyles to all.

SJCBI Health Services Unit empowers participation of students in different training and seminars related with  rescue operations in case of emergencies. Through this avenue, students become educated with skills that are useful in life and death situations.

As the primary unit which caters the safety of the Josephian Community, the Health Services endeavors the following aspects:


An annual free dental consultation to all the students and school personnel is being conducted for the assessment of their dental health.


In case of emergencies, an initial assessment to evaluate the severity of the condition is being conducted. Once assessed as a major emergency, appropriate and necessary first aid will be given. The patient would be immediately referred to the nearest hospital for further evaluation and management, with the presence of the School Nurse and adviser if the first aid provided is ineffective.


Prevention is better than cure, that’s why with prevention and health promotion, health is also maintained. Activities under the promotive and preventive aspects such as regular exercises and symposiums are being conducted which help in maintaining the healthy lifestyle of the members of the academic community.


Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc. is an institution that fosters cultural programs for the awareness, understanding and preservation of Filipino culture. It provides avenues and opens door of opportunities for the students to express themselves and use the power of arts to realize their passion and empower resolution.

SJCBI is known for its excellence in the field of arts from its earliest years up to the present, it offers programs in the field of dance like dance workshops. Moreover, the school’s performing arts presentations gave the school the chance to establish its name in the province of Cagayan through different contested events that the school handily won which paved the way for Josephians to be familiar with an array of artistic expressions and experiences.  It likewise gained a distinction in the province as its dance troupe won several Street Dance Competitions including the Pabbarayle Dance Parade and Showdown in 2018.

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