St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.

St. Joseph College of Baggao Emerges as Champion at TASS Academic Cup 2023!

Our Lady of Victories Academy recently hosted the TASS Academic Cup on April 14, 2023, with 19 diocesan schools of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao participating in both the elementary and high school departments. We are proud to announce that St. Joseph College of Baggao emerged as the overall champion, besting 18 other schools to take home the prestigious Academic Cup.

The competition was intense and grueling, with students immersed in various academic subjects such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. Every participant showed their talents, knowledge, and skills, making the competition an exciting and memorable event for all involved.

Our Lady of Victories Academy was honored to host the TASS Academic Cup, which is an annual event that promotes academic excellence, healthy competition, and camaraderie among the diocesan schools of the Archdiocese. We are grateful to all the schools, teachers, and students who participated in this particular occasion for making it a successful event.

We take pride in the fact that St. Joseph College of Baggao emerged as the overall champion, showcasing their students’ academic prowess, preparation, and hard work. We extend our warm congratulations to the Josephian coaches, and their team of students, who spent countless hours studying, preparing, and practicing for this competition.

The TASS Academic Cup reminds us of the importance of education, the role of competition in motivating students, and the impact of a supportive community on students’ academic growth. It is also an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication and hard work of our students and teachers, who strive for excellence every day.

Once again, congratulations to the St. Joseph College of Baggao, as well as all the participants, for their achievements and dedication. We hope to see more outstanding performances in the future, and we look forward to defending our crown at the TASS Academic Cup again next year.

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