St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.

SJCBI Programs undergo virtual Reg’l CHED Quality Evaluation

Three (3) undergraduate degree programs of the Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc. were subjected to an evaluation by the Regional Quality Assessment Team (RQAT) under the Commission on Higher Education – Regional Office 2 (CHEDRO2) thru virtual inspection on March 16, 2021.

The SJCBI administrators and department heads prepare for the Regional Quality Assessement Team virtual accreditation of BS in Criminology, BS Libray & Information Science and BS Tourism Management

The RQAT examined the compliance of each degree program to CHED’s minimum requirements. Aside from the curriculum, the team assessed other aspects of programs such as administration, faculty, library, laboratory and equipment, instructional facilities, and even student support. One of the ultimate goals is to assess whether the curriculum is ready for implementation and is anchored to the existing CHED memorandum orders.

SJCBI President Fr. Gerard Ariston Perez put high confidence in SJCBI’s undergraduate programs under evaluation, specifically the BS in Criminology and BS Library & Information Science which were assessed on March 17 and BS in Tourism Management on March 19. 

In the opening remarks, Perez, well-versed in the situation that brought about the COVID-19 pandemic, still ensured the quality of education offered to the students by SJCBI in partnership with other agencies and CHED. One of its instruments to provide quality education is to apply for government recognition of the newly offered programs in the college department.  He also expressed his profound thanks to CHEDRO2 and RQAT members for creating time to help the school evaluate the portfolios of the three (3) programs. 

“As we celebrate our 71st founding anniversary, we pray and hope that our three (3) programs will be granted with Government Recognition (GR),” he added.  

Thus, the Director of Quality Assurance Center (QAC) and Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Roy Tumaneng concurred by saying that even before offering these programs, they have been through rigorous evaluation in several levels, including department, college and university curriculum committees as reflected in the Program Advisory Board Policy of the school. 

The BS in Criminology program was evaluated by the CHED education supervisor Mr. Rey Tuddao and RQAT members Dr. Reynaold B. Pattaui and Mr. Diosdado T. Patubo. Hence, the BS in Library and Information Science was also evaluated by CHED education supervisor Dr. Don Dela Cruz and RQAT members Dr. Venus I. Guyos and Mr. Michael A. Pinto. Finally, the BS in Tourism and Management was also evaluated by CHED education supervisor, Engr. Joven B. Jacinto and RQAT members, Dr. Clair G. TUmaliuan and Ms. Ma. Sherelyn S. Tama.   

Following the evaluation tool of documents, the evaluating team conducted a virtual inspection on the program facilities such as laboratories and equipment, instructional facilities, and library. 

Generally, SJCBI received positive feedback from the team of evaluators, as announced by the respective CHED education supervisors of the three (3) programs during the exit conference. They were amazed by the virtual tour of facilities. The head evaluator even encouraged and congratulated the whole team for the successful virtual inspection. 

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Tumaneng and Vice President for Administration, Mrs. Marissa Palomares assured the assessment team that SJCBI would soon fully address the concerns raised during the inspection, especially for the school to ensure that all of its faculty are Master’s degree holders and extension activities will be program-specific.

Finally, Dr. Dela Cruz expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the RQAT and to the faculty and staff of SJCBI for putting in a lot of effort into this evaluation.

By: Mr. Jimboy B. Pagalilauan

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