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SJCBI President urges Josephians to practice Stewardship

By SJCBI Staff

SJCBI faculty and staff were called to practice stewardship as a true disciple’s lifestyle, during the Recollection on the Spirituality of Stewardship last July 13, 2019 at the SJCBI Gymnasium.

Fr. Gerardo Ariston Perez, SJCBI President and Parish Priest of Parokia San Jose Mangmangged, served as the facilitator for the event. 

Together with the Parish Lay Leaders, Fr. Perez presented the four core values of Spirituality of Stewardship: identity, trust, gratitude and love. For him, a proper understanding of these allow a disciple of Christ to be a good steward and allow others to do the same.

Moreover, Fr. Perez gave emphasis to the fact that our life and work belongs to God, our meaning and existence, and all God’s gifts, poured on us gratuitously, should move us to put God’s priorities before our own.

For Fr. Perez, making God as top priority is evident on how stewards manage the time, talent and treasure which God has placed under their care.

He envisions that the start of SJCBI being a Stewardship school is for each one of the teachers and staff to be good Stewards in their own lives. 

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