St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.

SJCBI Celebrated Its 73rd Founding Anniversary with the theme “Bringing Josephians Together in the Mission of Transforming Lives”

On March 17, 2023, the St. Joseph College of Baggao Incorporated (SJCBI) celebrated its 73rd founding anniversary with a Parent’s Day event with the theme “Bringing Josephians Together in the Mission of Transforming Lives.” The occasion aimed to unite the Josephian community towards the goal of transforming lives through education, awareness, and celebration.

Despite the challenging times, SJCBI stayed true to its mission of providing quality education to the youth. The school is at the forefront of ensuring that its students received the best instruction despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic. The institution adapted to the times by adopting new technologies and utilizing new strategies to ensure that the education of its students would not be compromised.

As part of its initiatives to celebrate its founding anniversary, SJCBI organized a Parent’s Day event where parents and guardians of the students of SJCBI were invited to join the activities prepared by the school. The Parent’s Day provided parents with an opportunity to interact with the school’s stakeholders, including its faculty members, administrators, and fellow parents.

The event’s theme highlighted SJCBI’s strong commitment to providing transformative education not just to its students but also to its entire community. The school believes that transformation is a collective effort that requires the involvement of all members of the community.

The occasion also featured various activities that showcased the institution’s artistic and creative talents. Students, faculty members, and other school stakeholders participated in various contests and presentations that reflected SJCBI’s commitment to excellence.

Furthermore, the Parent’s Day was also an opportunity to give recognition to the contributions of the parents and guardians of SJCBI students. They play a vital role in the success of their children and the school, and SJCBI recognizes and appreciates their support and dedication.

In the end, SJCBI made its 73rd founding anniversary celebration a memorable and meaningful occasion for the school’s community. The Parent’s Day event was an excellent opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the institution’s achievements while also highlighting its commitment to transforming lives. With “Bringing Josephians Together in the Mission of Transforming Lives” as the theme, SJCBI hoped to inspire its stakeholders to continue working towards the betterment of the community and the world.

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