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SJCB Students Take Over the Streets of San Jose, Baggao Through Street Dancing

On March 16, 2023, the students of St. Joseph College of Baggao (SJCB) took to the streets to showcase their talent and creativity in the street dancing competition. The competition gathered teams from different departments of SJCB, namely the JHS, SHS, CASTE, CICS, CBM, and CCJE. This year’s theme revolved around the JEEPGY advocacies of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP).

The SJCB students made a strong impression in their street dancing interpretation of the JEEPGY advocacies. The different departments of the college – from the Basic Education Unit to the Highet Education Unit – depicted an aspect of the JEEPGY advocacies, highlighting the importance of justice, peace, ecology, education, governance, and youth.

The crowd was in awe as they watched the SJCB students take over the streets of San Jose, Baggao, displaying their exceptional talent and skills in dancing while bringing advocacy to the forefront. From the costumes to the creative choreography, each department’s performance was exceptional, and it was evident that they had poured their hearts and souls into preparing for the event.

The event not only created an opportunity for students to showcase their talent, but it also highlighted the role of education in shaping the youth into responsible citizens who are capable of becoming agents of positive social transformation.

In the end, the SJCB students’ street dancing performances not only showcased the students’ talent and creativity but also highlighted their commitment to promoting CEAP’s JEEPGY advocacies. They showed that there is indeed power in unity, and working towards a common goal can create a significant impact in promoting positive change and social transformation.

The street dancing competition brought together the different communities in San Jose, Baggao in a festive celebration of the community’s culture and traditions. SJCB students contributed to the unique cultural experience through their colorful and meaningful dance routines, demonstrating that the youth are indeed the hope of the future.

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