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SJCB 73rd Founding Anniversary: Battle of the Bands and Josephian Dreamer

St. Joseph’s College of Baggao celebrated its 73rd Founding Anniversary with a bang as they showcased two exciting events – the Battle of the Bands and Josephian Dreamer. This year’s celebration was held from March 15 to 19 with the theme: “Bringing Josephians Together in the Mission of Transforming Lives.”

The Battle of the Bands was a competition featuring some of the most talented student musicians in the college. Bands from different departments came together to showcase their skills and entertain their fellow Josephians. The audience was treated to an afternoon of great music, with genres ranging from rock to pop and even alternative. The judges, composed of experienced musicians and music teachers, had a tough time selecting the winners as all the bands delivered outstanding performances.

On the other hand, Josephian Dreamer was a creative competition that showcased the talents of students in the field of performing arts. The entries were judged based on creativity, symbolism, and interpretation of the theme. All performances were magnificent, and it was unbelievable how much talent the college had.

Aside from the exciting events, the anniversary celebration also featured a Eucharistic celebration, a community outreach program, and academic exhibits. These events aimed to bring the Josephian community together and remind everyone that the college’s mission to transform lives should always be at the forefront.

The SJCB 73rd Founding Anniversary was a great success. Not only did it bring the Josephian community together, but it also highlighted the importance of arts and music in education. St. Joseph’s College of Baggao continues to provide excellent education that nurtures not only the mind but also the spirit and creativity of its students.

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