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Parents participate in module distribution

SJCBI faculty members resumed their distribution of learning modules for the second term last October 5, 2020. To maintain physical distancing, they arranged two separate stations for distribution: the College Compound and the SJCBI Main Campus. 

For everyone’s protection, SJCBI reminded students whose ages are 21 and below to request their parents to get their modules. Mothers and fathers lined up at the distribution areas to claim their children’s modules on the first day. So far, many expressed their optimism for their children’s performance during the first term.

Mrs. Lucena Alseco said that she is confident with the study habits of her daughter Cherry May, a first-year business administration student. She claims her daughter works on her modules uninterrupted inside her room. Mrs. Alseco only allows her daughter to join in the fields after accomplishing her school requirements. 

Mr. Florian Alvarez related with a smirk when he would reprimand her daughter Jeniflor, a first-year business administration student. According to the father, she would call her attention not because Jeniflor is neglectful, but because her daughter was too engrossed in her studies that she misses meals. 

Mr. Florian Alvarez and daughter Jeniflor Alvarez visiting the Church after receiving the second term modules.

Mrs. Mary Grace Cabalauan cannot help but shed tears as she shares her appreciation for her son Gary, a first-year criminology student. She feels proud to have a devoted son despite their situation. At times, Mrs. Cabaluan would browse at the modules of his son and feel sorry for not offering help as she did not go to college. Nonetheless, she takes pride that Gary is a consistent academic awardee and a college athlete.

On the other hand, underaged students, whose parents were unavailable, failed to bring home their modules. But a good samaritan emerged that day. Kaycelyn Llarenas, a 22 year-old first year education student, said she offered help to get the modules of her classmates by bringing their authorization letter to the office.

Good Samaritan. Ms. Kaycelyn Llarenas, a first-year education student, offered to get the modules of her classmates whose parents were not around.

SJCBI scheduled a week-long distribution of modules, except on the celebration of Teacher’s Day on October 8. The faculty designated a specific time for each level to get their modules and requested them to observe health protocols.

By: Reagan Q. De Leon

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