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Panday-Dunong Center holds 1st Virtual Student Research Seminar

On 14 April 2021, the SJCBI Panday-Dunong Center (Research Center) held its 1st Virtual Student Research Seminar for Academics related to the Institutional Research Agenda and Ethics in doing Research.  Despite the situation brought about Covid-19 Pandemic, SJCBI was able to provide quality education to students particularly in the field of Research. 

The 1st Virtual Research Seminar Participants with VPAA Dr. Roy Tumaneng, PDC Director Mr. Dan Paolo Ramos and Mr. Jimboy B. Pagalilauan

The SJCBI students‘ notion that Research is complicated and difficult and their lack of knowledge in realizing their research studies prompt the center to conduct a virtual research seminar to underline the basic elements and cycle and the importance of Ethics before conducting Research. 

As prescribed in the Research Manual of the Panday-Dunong Center, the students who are enrolled in research courses must produce a scholastic research output following the institutional procedure that is based on the SJCBI Institutional Research Agenda. Hence, the seminar was attended virtually by college students who are currently undertaking research courses.

PDC Director Mr. Dan Paolo Ramos discussed and oriented the student-participants on the school’s Institutional Research Agenda. He also presented SJCBI’s two (2) official research publications which were launched last year, the Subwal Student Research Publication and the Bin-I Faculty Research Publication. He also encouraged the students to always align their research titles or studies on the Institutional Research Agenda. 

On the other hand, Dr. Roy Tumaneng, VPAA discussed the Ethics and procedures in doing Research. He well-versed in honesty and plagiarism in Research. Further, he reinvigorated them to continue learning quoting Albert Einstein, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

“Research is not difficult, it’s fun,” Dr. Tumaneng added. 

Moreover, the students were thankful for the imparted new knowledge. 

Chricet Baniaga Manzano, a BSSW-2 student, commented in the evaluation tool conducted by the Center:

“[It is an] extremely informative seminar that will undoubtedly influence my manuscript writing from now on. The speaker[s] [were] very articulative and knowledgeable while remaining interesting throughout the seminar which maintained the audience’s attention. Time well spent! I learned several key pieces of information that will greatly improve my ability in Research. All the staff and speakers of this seminar are fabulous with a great sense of humor and profound knowledge of the field. Thank you for inviting, such engaging, talented speakers!”

By: Jimboy B. Pagalilauan

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