St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.


Our vision is to be a premier Catholic Higher Educational Institution in Northern Luzon that is Christ-centered, inspired by the spirit of synodality that fosters communion and participation in the evangelizing mission of the Church through transformative education.

There are several ways to live out the vision of SJCB:

1. Being a premier Catholic Higher Educational Institution: This means that SJCB aspires to be among the best Catholic colleges in the region in terms of quality of education, academic programs, research, and overall contribution to society.

2. Being Christ-centered: This reiterates the importance of making Christ the center of our lives, both as individuals and as an institution. Everything we do must be guided by the values and teachings of the Gospel. Let us prioritize prayer, service to others, and spiritual growth.

3. Inspired by the spirit of synodality: This emphasizes the importance of collaboration and participation in decision-making. We need to work together as a community in order to discern the best way forward for the institution and the Church as a whole. Let us work collaboratively with others, listen to and respect different perspectives, and seek consensus

4. Fostering communion: This involves creating a sense of unity and solidarity within the SJCB community, as well as reaching out to others beyond our community in order to build bridges and establish connections.

5. Participation in the life and evangelizing mission of the Church: This reminds us of our responsibility as a Catholic institution to contribute to the Church’s mission of spreading the Good News and promoting the values of the Kingdom of God. Let us look for opportunities to serve others, including our local community and beyond.

6. Transformative education: This refers to education that not only imparts knowledge and skills, but also helps to shape us as human beings and gives us the tools we need to make a positive impact on the world. Let us engage in lifelong learning and personal growth, challenge ourselves to think critically and creatively, and strive for excellence in our work.

7. Stewardship: This means that SJCB is committed to responsible and sustainable management of our resources, including our finances, facilities, and natural environment. We recognize that these resources are entrusted to us by God and must be used wisely and for the common good. As a Catholic institution, we seek to promote a culture of care and respect for all creation, and to instill in our students a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Overall, the vision of SJCB is an ambitious and inspiring one, and reflects a strong commitment to the values and principles of the Catholic faith. By embodying these values, we can contribute to the fulfillment of the vision of SJCB and create a better world.

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