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Josephians Elect SSG Officers

Almost two thousand high school students elected the new sets of Supreme Student Government (SSG) officers for the S.Y. 2021-2022 on October 1, 2021. Firmly based on a particular set of guidelines coming from the Department of Education, the SSG election was held with the use of web-based SSG Voting System facilitated by the SSG advisers and supervised by the ICT team of SJCBI.

Grade 12 STEM student Richard Ronnel Cipriano and Grade 10 Saint Stephen the Martyr student Khastine Rudolph A. Miranda claimed this school year’s presidency in the SSG-SHS and SSG-JHS Election respectively.

“We are representatives of a micro cause of an ideal society. A society that accepts acceptance and love for all. This year, we aim of lifting our Josephian identity, the concretizing of an inclusive society, the standardization of a system that properly addresses genuine concerns, the steering of students’ empowerment and instilling the core values of our school inside every Josephian,” Cipriano said, the standard bearer of BRAVERY (Bonafide Responsible Advocates Versatile Efficient Religious Youth) Party.

The newly elected SHS-SSG officers are:

President: Richard Ronnel G. Cipriano II

Vice President: Cleah-Jel T. Calixto

Secretary: Jamaica D. Lichauco

Treasurer: Ace V. Reboredo

Auditor: Jezapine Zena G. Mamanao

Busines Manager: Jon Hero T. Abad

P.I.O.: Agatha B. Acosta

P.O. (Male): Pier Paulo A. Tayabo

P.O. (Female): Diane Faith L. Castro

Grade-11 Governor: Joanna R. Basitan

Grade-12 Governor: Romar Jade R. Bromeo

“To demonstrate my talent and voice in leadership, I will contribute hard work and the best of what I have to offer. You may be looking for specific attributes, but rest assured that I will do everything…to be the voice that my fellow students require,” Miranda stated, the lead man of INVICTUS (Integrity Nobility Virtue Ingenuity Compassion Truth Universality Sincerity) Party.

The newly elected JHS SSG officers are:

President: Khastine Rudolph A. Miranda

Vice President: Joyce Ashley A. Baggay

Secretary: Divine Althea Grace L. Castro

Treasurer: Mary Angela D. Remudaro

Auditor: Nadine P. Vizcarra

Busines Manager: Myron V. Allag

P.I.O.: Vince Aldwin P. Gacutan

P.O. (Male): Celedonio Marcus A. Juan

P.O. (Female): Elaisa Joy P. Sario

Grade-7 Governor: Jolene A. Ho

Grade-8 Governor: Christy Marie Q. Palomares

Grade-9 Governor: Cesar III G. Israel

Grade-10 Governor: Emmanuel Jude P. Bustillo The conduct of the SSG Election this year was a new experience to the students, but was a great course of action for them to exercise their rights to choose, and to become receptive, responsive to the call of the academe to cultivate leadership among the students, and adaptive to changes in the field of education in this time of pandemic.

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