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Josephian JEEPGY Ambassador and Ambassadress: Advocating for Change and Empowerment

March 16, 2023 marked a momentous day for the St. Joseph College of Baggao (SJCB) community as twenty-four outstanding students were chosen to be candidates for the Search for Josephian JEEPGY Ambassador and Ambassadress. Chosen from the Junior High School (JHS), Senior High School (SHS), College of Arts, Sciences, and Teacher Education (CASTE), College of Information and Computing Sciences (CICS), College of Business and Management (CBM), and College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE), these students were given the platform to advocate for change and empowerment based on the JEEPGY advocacies.

The candidates’ presentations showcased their passion and dedication for promoting and championing the JEEPGY advocacies. The JHS representatives discussed the advocacy for justice, giving insights into the current social and political issues and proposing measures to address systemic injustices. The SHS representatives centered on equity advocacy, emphasizing the value of inclusivity and diversity in promoting a more peaceful and harmonious society.

The CASTE candidates emphasized the advocacy for good governance, expressing the need for transparency, accountability, and effective leadership in government institutions. The CICS representatives emphasized the need for environmentalism, presenting creative solutions to address the issue of waste and pollution.

The CBM candidates talked about the need for peace, underscoring the importance of dialogue, tolerance, and mutual understanding in resolving conflicts and promoting human rights. The CCJE candidates focused on youth empowerment, highlighting the importance of nurturing leadership skills and providing opportunities for the youth to make a difference in their communities.

In selecting the Josephian JEEPGY Ambassador and Ambassadress, a panel of judges evaluated the candidates based on their presentations, commitment to the JEEPGY advocacies, and potential to inspire and empower others. The selected ambassador and ambassadress will represent SJCB in various activities, programs and events within and outside the school. They will also be tasked to organize activities that support and promote JEEPGY advocacies.

Overall, the search for the Josephian JEEPGY Ambassador and Ambassadress in SJCB encourages everyone in the community to become advocates of change and empowerment. These students serve as inspiration to the rest of the student body, showcasing that everyone can make a meaningful impact by promoting the JEEPGY values. Through their leadership, dedication, and commitment, SJCB hopes to create a better and more meaningful future for all.

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