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“The Multiple intelligence of the grade 7 students: A basis for differentiated learning activities” -Marissa Q. Palomares, MST

This paper aimed to find out the multiple intelligences of the grade 7 students of SJCBI year 2017-2018, as a basis for differentiated learning activities. The researcher arrived at the following conclusions, that the learners are truly diverse in terms of their multiple intelligences. They are unique through their strength and weaknesses. This paper also presents the dominant intelligences, to wit: existentialist, naturalist and musical while the least is interpersonal. Thus, different learning activities are suggested and designed for the teachers to implement in their teaching-learning activities to enhance their multiple intelligences. The researcher further concluded that there is no significant relationship between the manifested multiple intelligences and the mean academic performance the subject along verbal-linguistics, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetics, interpersonal, naturalist and existentialist.

Grade point average as a predicator to performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers: A basis for program review”. –Alberto P. Calixto, Jr., MBA, MAEd

This paper aimed to find out whether the mean grade of the teacher education graduates of SJCBI in their general education courses and professional education courses can predict their performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) for academic years 2013-2014 to 2015-2016. The researcher looked into the mean grade of the subjects in their General and Professional education courses as reflected in their transcript of records. Thus, he finds out that their General Point Average (GPA) generally correlates with performance in the licensure examination for teachers (LET). Consequently, high grades in both general and professional education courses is a guarantee that students make good or pass the LET. However, in this study the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the subjects is not a predictor to performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). The researcher further concludes that there are other factors that may influence performance in the Licensure Examination.

“Parent-Tecahers Association: Its Contribution to School Development”. – Marie Frances S. Villegas

This paper attempted to assess the extent of involvement of the Parent-Teachers Association Officers in the implementation of programs and projects of SJCBI for the School Year 2017-2018. The researcher specifically looked into the profile of the respondents. Thus, arrived into a conclusion that active involvement and participation of parents and a strong partnership between the school and the community must be strengthened so that the vision, mission and objectives of the school can be achieved. Further concluded that the primary goal therefore of the administrators is to build a strong and harmonious relationship between the home, the community and the school. A strong and active partnership between home and the school through parent-teacher association can build up productive and socially aware citizen from the school.

The Communicative competency level of the Teacher Education students: A basis for program enhancement”. – Ervic R. Cabading, MAEd

The paper aimed to assess the communicative competency level of the students of the third-year teacher education program of SJCBI, AY 2017-2018. The researcher found out that though both programs from the college are competent or not competent on the influence of the dialect in the said competency; it is still necessary that they should have to open their minds for a new learning especially in terms on the usage of English language. Since there is a significant difference between BSED and BEED programs on fluency, sounds, and accuracy along tenses of verbs. Furthermore, the researcher concluded that the foundation of the respondents during their childhood is poor in terms of oral competence.

Social Media exposure of public elementary pupils: Its influence to their academic performance”, – Cherry L. Calixto

The paper aimed to find out the social media exposure of the public elementary pupils in Mocag Elementary School and its influence to their academic performance during the SY 2016-2017, to include the profile of the respondents as a dependent variable. This paper presents the findings, to wit: In today’s generation, young learners are exposed on the use of social media. Facebook is the most social media exposed to the respondents. Through this, they can be able to socialize online collaboratively to build relationship with others. The respondents particularly grades IV, V, VI were not highly addicted to social media since most of them spent 1 to 60 minutes online with overall mean exposure of 37.67 minutes only. Furthermore, this study concluded that social media did not influence the academic performance of the respondents. However, their profile has influenced their exposure on social media.

Gender stereotypes in conversations in the Pinoy Big Brother All in Edition”. –Jimboy B. Pagalilauan

This study aimed to determine the different stereotypes of men and women during conversations of the participants of PBB All in Edition. Specifically determined the profile of the variables of the housemates and looked into the relationship of the profile variables and their gender stereotypes. The researcher used the descriptive-qualitative method. Fifteen video clips were collected and transcribed. Based on the findings, men are more dominant because of the stereotype that women are submissive. As long as women are dominated by men, their language will be characterized as immature, trivial and subservient. In using the language, women are more emotional as opposed to men’s talk which is observed as straight and bold. Moreover, the researcher concluded that women did not deviate from the norms of language and gender. Further, culture has a great influence to the language of men and women. 

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