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“Colorful and Fun: SJCB’s Prismatic Run Promotes Health and Camaraderie”

On March 15, 2023, St. Joseph College of Baggao (SJCB) students participated in the Prismatic Run, a run that aims to promote health and wellness among the students while having fun and building camaraderie with their classmates.

The Prismatic Run event gathered students from different class and programs, and they were given various distances to run, from 1k to 4k. The event started early in the morning, and the students were all clad in their colorful and vibrant running attire, showcasing their school spirit.

The Prismatic Run is a unique event that is not your typical run. Each participant was given a pack of powder that they had to throw in the air and on their fellow participants while running. The result was a display of colorful powder that resembled a rainbow, making the run even more fun and entertaining.

The students showcased their endurance and stamina as they ran around the streets of San Jose Baggao, with the support of their friends and fellow classmates. The scenic views of the municipality and the fresh air made the run even more energizing, giving the students the boost they needed to push themselves to the finish line.

The Prismatic Run event did not only promote health and wellness but also encouraged the students to foster camaraderie and teamwork. The students cheered each other on, and even those who finished the run ahead participated in welcoming and congratulating those who came after them.

The event’s success would not have been possible without the support of TM Globe, who recognized the importance of promoting health and wellness among students. They also saw the Prismatic Run as an opportunity to showcase their brand while supporting a worthy cause.

In summary, the Prismatic Run was a successful event that promoted health and wellness while having fun and fostering camaraderie among the SJCB students. It was a unique and memorable experience that encouraged the students to push their limits and work together towards a common goal. With events like this, students not only build strong friendships but also take a step towards a healthier and brighter future.

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