Campus Ministry


Β  The Campus Ministry is tasked to promote and coordinate the praxis of faith through pastoral care in terms of the administration of the sacraments, the celebration of the liturgy and other devotions, and the delivery of other spiritual services like recollections and retreats. It provides spaces for encountering the Risen Lord through gospel sharing and prayer meetings. It spearheads social and pastoral activities that promote total human development complementing the total curriculum they learn in the classrooms.

Goals & Objectives

A. To help the students discover the meaning and purpose of their lives so that they can develop their God-given talents and share them with others in loving service;
B. To make the students appreciate the meaning and value of the Sacraments specially the Eucharist by creating a conducive environment for personal encounter with the Risen Lord through meaningful liturgies and by conducting formation sessions and talks on the
C. To encourage the active involvement of both parents and students in the liturgical life of the parish by their participation in ministries such as serving and proclaiming the readings at Mass and in other liturgical celebrations;
D. To provide spiritual guidance, encourage prayer and spiritual reading through retreats, recollections, seminars and exhibits, bible services, bible studies, prayer vigils and small prayer meetings; and
E. To help the students develop their talents and become agents for evangelization and catechesis through leadership seminars, acting workshops, poster-making contests and exhibits;

Programs & Activities

  • Faith Formation Program
  • Participation in the Holy Eucharist and other Sacraments
  • Devotion to Mary
  • Ministry Seminars
  • Β Vocation Month Celebration
  • Retreats and Recollections
  • Bible Month Celebration
  • Celebration of Saints
  • Laudato Si Seminars
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Catechetical Instruction
  • Christmas Caravan
  • Christmas Tree and Belen Making Contest
  • Youth Vigil