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The Tourism Management Department of the College of Business and Management of the SJCBI conducted its 1st Virtual General Assembly with the theme: “Unified in Reaching our Dreams amidst the Pandemic” on April 16, 2021 via Google Meet.

Aware that a general assembly plays a pivotal role in any organization, as it promotes transparency and information dissemination and ignites trust and fosters a feeling of belongingness among its students, the Tourism Management department pushed through this event. 

Dr. Roy D. Tumaneng, Vice President for Academic Affairs, in his opening remarks congratulated the department for bringing this kind of affair that is timely and relevant. He stressed out that the pandemic must not hinder achieving a student’s dream and that they must always be resilient.

Dr. Roy D. Tumaneng, VPAA, delivers hs opening remarks via Google Meet SCREENSHOT|ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE OF BAGGAO INC. FB ACCOUNT

Meanwhile, Mr. Dan Paolo E. Ramos, Program Chair of the Tourism Management department, discussed tourism in the ‘new normal’ and job opportunities for tourism graduates. He emphasized that the tourism industry is one of the most hit by the pandemic that leads to the closure of tourism-related businesses in the country like hotels, restaurants and the like, but on the positive side, the tourist spots of the country are in its restoration mode due to quarantine guidelines. He also mentioned that the tourism enterprise is the most significant industry globally as it generates employment and contributes to the world economy.

MR. DAN PAOLO E. RAMOS, MSHM, Program Chair of Tourism Management Department, discusses tourism in the ‘new normal’ and job opportunities for tourism graduates SCREENSHOT|ST. JOSEPH COLLEGE OF BAGGAO INC. FB ACCOUNT

When the students were asked why they enrolled BSTM program, Ms. Anabelle Ifurung, a BSTM-1 student,  answered, “I’ve chosen BSTM because I believe that it will open up great opportunities for me and will give me the ability to travel and a chance to change my perspective in life.”

Along with the set activities was the launching of the League of Young Tourism Professionals (LYTP) which is the official student organization of the department. Also, the department presented upcoming events including the Tourism Skills Training Series (TSTS), the Project TOKS (Tourism Online Kwentuhan Sessions) and the Tourism Olympics.

Finally, Mr. Alberto P. Calixto Jr, SJCBI Campus Dean and Dean of the College of Business Management, ended the event with a closing remark in which he expressed his profound thanks to the organizers of the event and encouraged the participants to study well and strive to be the best version of themselves.

By: Dan Paolo E. Ramos

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