St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.

“Bringing Color and Creativity: SJCB Celebrates 73rd Founding Anniversary Through Mural Painting”

On March 15, 2023, the St. Joseph College of Bulacan (SJCB) celebrated its 73rd founding anniversary through a colorful and creative activity – a mural painting. Students, teachers, and staff gathered together to create a masterpiece that showcased the school’s vibrant culture and commitment to excellence.

The mural painting activity was a collaborative effort, where different groups painted different parts of the wall, using vibrant colors and creative designs. The mural featured the school’s JEEPGY advocacies. JEEPGY represents the six pillar programs of CEAP that are run across all its member schools: Justice & Peace, Ecological Integrity, Engaged Citizenship, Poverty Alleviation, Gender Equality & Youth Empowerment. It aimed to inspire the Josephians to uphold these values and encourage others to do the same.

The event was not just a celebration of the school’s founding anniversary, but also an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the school and its stakeholders. Through the mural painting activity, students, teachers, and staff were able to work together as a team, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity.

Moreover, the mural painting activity also served as an avenue for students to showcase their artistic talents and creativity. The school encouraged students to express themselves through art, and the mural painting activity was a platform for them to do so.

The event was also a testament to SJCB’s commitment to promoting a culture of excellence and creativity. The school believes that art is an essential part of education, and through various initiatives, it has encouraged students to develop their artistic skills.

The mural painting activity was just one of the many events that SJCB organized for its 73rd founding anniversary. Throughout the week, the school held various activities, such as sports events, academic competitions, and community outreach programs. All of these events were aligned with the school’s mission of transforming lives through education and service.

Overall, the mural painting activity was a fitting celebration for SJCB’s 73rd founding anniversary. It brought color and creativity to the school and reinforced the school’s commitment to excellence, community, and service. Through art, SJCB hopes to inspire its students to be creative, innovative, and passionate in all their pursuits.

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