St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.

Alberto Perez Calixto Jr., MBA, MAED
(Vice President for Research, Publications & External Affairs)
Welcome Message on the occasion of the SJCBI 72nd Founding Anniversary

We are grateful and thankful that the situation we are in as a result of the pandemic is improving, and we hope that this will continue to allow us to better serve everyone of you.

We have many reasons to offer our thanksgiving to God. Gathered together today, may we be inspired by the song, We Remember, which we sing at times as a proclamation of the mystery of our faith in Masses: We remember how you loved us…We remember, we celebrate, we believe.

First, we remember how God has loved us. Celebrating anniversaries provide us opportunities to go back to our roots and our humble beginnings. We are grateful for the gift of faith and the gift of mission our founder has. Their selfless service and love planted the seed of Josephian Education that has grown through the years.
Second, we celebrate for God is with us here. SJCBI continues to thrive at 72 with the help of God’s grace because its mission is anchored  on the Gospels and the teachings of the Church.

We celebrate as we honor God’s creative power, fidelity, and merciful providence, which we have witnessed in a variety of ways over the years. All glory to God for all our triumphs, which were made possible by the tireless efforts of many individuals! We have been fortunate to have a very supportive College president, as well as excellent administrators, teachers, office and maintenance workers, and other people who have worked relentlessly to ensuring that SJCBI education and formation are of the highest quality. The school is grateful for their dedication to our purpose as mission partners.
We celebrate as we continue to recognize our alumnae, parents, donors, and friends for their strong collaboration and support, not only in good times, but especially in difficult times. Thank you for continuing to believe in our purpose and putting your trust in us! With you, and the school personnel, SJCBI will continue to thrive even beyond the most challenging and difficult times.
Third, we believe. Our celebration of joy challenges us to move forward with hope and prepare for the future. Pope Francis said in one of his book: Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future, “From this crisis we can come out better or worse. We can slide backward, or we can create something new. For now, what we need is the chance to change, to make space for the new thing we need.” In another part he said, “This is a moment to dream big, to rethink our priorities – what we value, what we want, what we seek – and to commit to act in our daily life on what we have dreamed of. God asks us to dare create something new.”

Let us then forge together new paths in Catholic education. With the passion and strong service orientation of every member of the school community, we will remain faithful to our Vision of forming “young men and women of faith, excellence, and service” and to our Mission of  “providing quality Catholic education on this part of our country.

To our dear pupils and students, I hope you will continue to be appreciative for the education and support they are receiving at SJCBI. We’re shaping you into capable leaders in our society and country. In this situation, we regard you as a source of hope. We trust in you and share your aspirations for a better future. May you shine like the stars, following in the footsteps of JOSEPHIANS who continue to make a difference in our community and society, with God’s grace and Mama Mary’s direction.
We have seen how our humble school has grown in terms of physical facilities, population, and in its academic and curricular offerings, bringing the school to a higher level. However, I would like to emphasize the importance of instilling good values and character in our pupils and students, as well as among ourselves as teachers, because this is what distinguishes SJCBI as a catholic institution of learning. Let us continue journeying together, transforming lives and in shaping the future.
As we start our celebration therefore, It is my joy of welcoming all of you in today’s celebration, the 72nd Founding Anniversary of our beloved school SJCBI. Let us clap for ourselves, and together we say MABUHAY AND LONG LIVE SAINT JOSEPH COLLEGE. Thank you.

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