Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCRIM)

Program Aims (PAs)

The BSCRIM program aims to:  
  1. Provide students with a coherent body of knowledge on research and inquiry on the nature, causes, treatment or punishment of criminal behaviour and how criminal justice agencies functions and respond to crime, criminals, and victims.
  1. Prepare the students for career in crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection, correctional administration, public safety and allied fields.
  1. Foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community and country.

Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  1. Knowledge, Skills & Values

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:

A1. Conduct criminological research on crimes, crime causation, victims and offenders to include deviant behaviour;

A2. Internalize concepts of human rights and victim welfare;

A3. Know the legal processes from investigation, filling of complaint, court proceedings and turnover offenders to correctional institutions.


  1. Application

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:

B1. Demonstrate competence and broad understanding in law enforcement administration, public safety and criminal justice;

B2. Utilize criminalistics for forensic science in the investigation and detection of crime;

B3. Enforce laws, rules, and regulations.


  1. Degree of Independence

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:    

C1. Apply the principles of jurisprudence of criminal law, evidence and criminal procedure;

C2. Ensure offender’s welfare and development for their re-integration to the community;

C3. Investigate and detect crime.


Jobs for CRIMINOLOGIST include the following:
  • Police Administrator
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Forensic
  • Jail Management and Penology
  • Police Patrol Officer
  • Forensic Photographer
  • Court Peace Officer
  • Discipline Officer
  • Investigator / Paralegal Officer
  • Dactylographer of Dactyloscopy Technician
  • Polygraph Examiner ( Lie Detector Operator)
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Security Guard Dispatcher
  • Academician
  • Statistician

Study Plan

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