Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Values Education (BSED-Val. Ed.)

Program Aims (PAs)

The BSED Val. Ed. program aims to:


  1. Provide students with a coherent body of knowledge on Valued Education on the core values of the profession including service, social justice, dignity and worth of the individual, importance and centrality of human relationships, integrity, and competence;


  1. Develop the students’ critical thinking abilities to design, implement and evaluate Values Education processes and programs to meet the desired needs and requirements under various constraints;


  1. Equip the students with skills to integrate the knowledge, values and skills of the Values Education profession for competent practice in settings with individuals, families, groups, organizations, institutions, and communities;


  1. Prepare the students for lifelong-learning by stimulating their interests, upgrading their skills and encouraging autonomous learning; and


  1. Produce Values Educators who are ever mindful of the Josephian values of faith, communion and service.

Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  1. Knowledge, Skills & Values

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:

A1. Demonstrate understanding of the Values Education framework of K to 12;

A2.Analyze critically the various philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of teaching Values Education; and

A3. Critique how psychological, moral, spiritual and socio-cultural shape human values.


  1. Application

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:

B1.Exhibit critical mindedness in analysing local, regional, national and global trends and issues relevant to Values Education;

B2.Critique the theories, principles, and application of strategies for effective intra and interpersonal relations; and

B3.Engage in passion and commitment in becoming advocates of universal values of openness, peace, tolerance of social justice and respect for human rights.


  1. Degree of Independence

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:    

C1.Demonstrate competence in employing various pedagogical approaches, methods, and techniques for teaching values;

C2.Establish competence in the conduct of research and utilization of results to improve values education; and

 C3. Generate reflective skills in applying strong moral and ethical principles in their decisions and actions as a values education teacher.


Qualified graduates of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Values Education may find employment as a:

  • Values Education Teacher in High School
  • Instructional Material Development/ Consultant
  • Module Writer
  • Researcher
  • Tutor

Study Plan

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