Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Science (BSED-SCIE)

Program Aims (PAs)

The BSED-SCIE program aims to:
  1. Provide students with a deep understanding of scientific concepts and principles.
  1. Develop the students’ critical thinking abilities in applying scientific inquiries in teaching and learning.
  1. Equip the students with skills to integrate the knowledge, values and skills of the teaching profession for competent practice in settings with individuals, families, groups, organizations, institutions, and communities;
  1. Prepare the students for lifelong-learning by stimulating their interests, upgrading their skills and encouraging autonomous learning; and,
  1. Produce science major professionals who are ever mindful of the Josephian values of faith, communion and service.

Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  1. Knowledge, Skills & Values

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:

A1. Display basic and comprehensive understanding of knowledge, principles of the subject matter in the sciences;

A2. Uses scientific inquiry in understanding and explaining natural phenomena.

A3. Integrate historical, timely and emerging technologies and techniques, founded on a commitment to promote lifelong learning and professional development.


  1. Application

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:

B1. Apply the scientific principles in solving current problems.

B2. Create and utilize learning experiences in the classrooms to develop learner’s skills in discovery learning, problem learning and critical thinking.

B3. Evaluate and utilize appropriate methods and professional standards with teaching-learning process to cultivate higher order thinking skills.


  1. Degree of Independence

Upon completion of the program, the graduates should be able to:    

C1. Demonstrate skills in various methods of teaching-learning in the sciences to include conducting science investigations, making models and prototype, and doing science research

C2. Manifest meaningful and comprehensive pedagogical content knowledge of the sciences.

C3. Design solutions using approaches that integrate ethical, social, legal and economic responsibilities.


Jobs for BSED SCIENCE include the following:  
  • Science High School Teacher
  • Private Tutor
  • Science Laboratory Technician
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Academic Head of Science
  • Environment Specialist
  • Assistant Researcher
  • Researcher

Study Plan

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