St. Joseph College of Baggao Inc.


Animated and driven by the philosophy, vision, mission and core values of the Saint Joseph’s College of Baggao, Inc., the College Of Arts, Sciences And Teacher Education Department shall endeavor to achieve the following goals:

  1. To provide an integral formation of the learners through relevant, robust and rigorous curriculum inspired by Gospel values and delivered by a community of professionally qualified, competent and committed school personnel.


  1. To provide a carefully constructed, comprehensive program of courses, scheduled in a timely manner, which supports immersion in the essential knowledge base required for arts, sciences and teacher education level of mastery;


  1. To enrich lives, improve society and address global challenges by producing scientifically-trained educators and innovators, advancing the frontiers of science, business, arts and humanities;


  1. To respond to the local and global challenges by providing opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research and community extension activities;


  1. To share knowledge, discoveries, and inventions with the people of the locality and the country in order to improve appreciation and comprehension of science and to bring the benefits of science to the society;


  1. To develop ways to enable faculty to focus their time on being highly productive in their core academic activities (teaching; research; scholarship; creativity and community engagement).


  1. To encourage professional growth among our faculty, including preparations as well as professional publications in local, national and international forums; and


  1. To engage in ongoing assessment of the curriculum, faculty and students in order to build on our strengths and address our concerns in a meaningful way in an ever-changing world.
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